Gay Marriage is Weird?

A story in the NYT tipped me off to this video, apparently a response to recent same sex marriage victories. But the online responses are so much better:

Surreptitious Pleasures

**Editors’ Note: Today’s guest post comes in from Terry Tucker. And um, gross.** Friend of mine met this great guy….…, good looking, fun – and thoughtful! When they were walking down the street, he would stop to pick up litter, even discarded cigarette butts. On subsequent dates, everything good…..although she did notice him sneaking surreptitiously […]

A Friend of Mine Recently Lost His Mind

**Editors’ Note: Today’s guest post comes in from anonymous. But not the same anonymous who wrote about reading his girlfriend’s email. We hope.** At least, that’s what I thought when he abandoned a decade-plus relationship with a woman I admire and started playing house with his new, 19-year-old girlfriend. He’s 35. A relatively normal guy. […]

Dear Serial Monogamist

Hello interwebs. Not too long ago, a commenter accused me, THE Serial Monogamist, of trying to take over DIW with my giant ego. Really, I’m just so happy someone was paying attention to me. Thanks for caring. But I thought and thought about it; thought about me, re-read all of my old posts again and […]